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Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Falling film evaporators. RV C Series evaporators

The evaporator of RV C series is based on the falling film technology as mechanical vapor recompression system. Wastewater flows down on the internal walls of the heat exchanger tubes, while the vapor produced condensates on the external walls of the same tubes.



  1. The main benefit of the falling film technique is the possibility of treating heat-sensitive products with very low temperature differences between the heat exchanger and the boiling liquid.

Scope of application:

  • perfume and cosmetic production (active ingredients, detergents, shampoos mixers rinsing water, gentle evaporation and etc.)

  • pharmaceuticals industry (active ingredients, detergents, shampoos mixers rinsing water, gentle evaporation and etc.)

  • electric power industry (treatment of radioactive effluents, gentle evaporation regime for thermally decomposable substances and etc.)

  • food and beverage (small dairy wastewater, water with sugars, discharge from milk plant, RO, DEMI plants concentrate and etc.)

  • chemicals (obtaining especially pure substances, explosives (Nitroglycerin) wastewater, recovery and etc.)

Evaporation plant models


Distillate produced

RV C 200

200 000 lt/day

Distinctive features:

The treated liquid is not exposed to temperature changes:

The evaporation process takes place in two stages continuously. Pre-concentration occurs when heat transfer through the liquid film, dekontsentreerimine is in the process of forced circulation in the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. On evaporation of the used energy of the secondary steam due to recompression.



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