Chemical Solutions

Heat pump scraped vacuum evaporators. PC R Series

The PC R series evaporators have a heating system based on a heat pump and operate under vacuum at 5kPa and around 30°C (86°F).

Heat exchange occurs within a conical jacket, and the boiling chamber inside part is cleaned by internal scrapers that continuously stir concentrate. This configuration is designed to produce a concentrate with a high final concentration and a distillate with low conductivity.



  1. the wastewater has a high initial content of dissolved or suspended solids

  2. the daily volumes are relatively small

  3. the distillate has to be of the highest quality

  4. fully automatic

Scope of application:

  • treatment of liquids, including wastewater with a low daily volume for chemical, petrochemical and related industries, to the possibility of recovering concentrate and distillate in production

Evaporation plant models


Distillate produced

PC R 0.1

150 lt/day

PC R 0.5

500 lt/day

PC R 1

1 000 lt/day

PC R 2

2 000 lt/day

Distinctive features:

Treatment of highly contaminated solutions prone to crystallization:

The presence of a thermal shirt in the evaporation chamber and the scraper mechanism to prevent stagnation of the solution, crystallization and incrustation internal surfaces



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