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Heat pump forced circulation vacuum evaporators. PC F Series evaporators

Forced circulation vacuum evaporators 700 lt in day

Forced circulation vacuum evaporators 700 lt in day

PC F series evaporators operate in a high vacuum condition, with the boiling chamber pressure set at 5-6 kPa (absolute vacuum), in order to save the thermal energy produced by the heat pump. In this way the boiling temperature of the wastewater is approximately 40°C (104°F) and typical phenomena (scaling, precipitation, corrosion) which may reduce the performance are either eliminated or considerably reduced.



  1. PC F series is designed to produce maximum distillate quality with minimum capital and operating costs

  2. each model is a compact skid-mounted unit, simple, safe and easy to move

  3. control is by a PLC, including the functions of feed and discharge, therefore allowing automatic operation and minimum supervision

Scope of application:

  • chemicals (wastewater from galvanic baths, chemical processes and etc.)

  • mechanical and surface treatments (moulds release liquids baths, phosphate coating baths, pre-treatment baths and etc.)

  • mining and primary metals (wastewater from the processes of production of precious metals and etc.)

  • healthcare: pharma (active ingredients, concentrates and etc.)

  • laboratories water discharge

Evaporation plant models


Distillate produced

PC F 0.7

700 lt/day

PC F 1.4

1 400 lt/day

PC F 2.4

2 400 lt/day

PC F 4

4 000 lt/day

PC F 6

6 000 lt/day

PC F 8

8 000 lt/day

PC F 12

12 000 lt/day

PC F 24

24 000 lt/day

Distinctive features:

Reliable treatment of solutions prone to foaming:

PC is the evaporators family that stands out from the others because of the flexibility, low energy consumption and reliability. The heat pump vacuum evaporation allows to control problematic foaming phenomena, allowing total separation of metals and surfactants, giving high yield and quality in terms of distillate, with a significant reduction of COD.



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