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Hot/cold water scraped vacuum evaporators. AC R Series evaporators

AC R is the hot/cold water evaporator/crystallizer with stirred and scraped heat exchanger surface that transfers heat by heating jacket containing circulating hot water.

This series is designed to treat wastewater containing a high concentration of suspended and dissolved solids. That is the reason why within the boiling chamber wastewater is stirred continuously by an Archimedes screw type scraper, preventing any fouling of the heat exchange surface.

The evaporator produces a distillate recyclable, since free of dissolved salts, and a solid or semisolid concentrate with a water content lower than 15%.

The AC R evaporators are designed to work both continuously and by batch, by using a pump to discharge the concentrate or by stopping the evaporation process by opening the front door and leaving the screw working.

With the addition of an optional intermediate heat exchanger AC R evaporators can also utilize steam as a heat source.



  1. высокая энергоэффективность

  2. эффективная обработка вязких, практически безводных шламов

  3. возможность утилизации излишков энергии когенерационных установок

Модели выпарных аппаратов


Distillate produced

AC R 3

3 000 lt/day

AC R 6

6 000 lt/day

AC R 12

12 000 lt/day


Возможность получения концентрата в твердом виде:

Наличие перемешивающего устройства со скребковыми механизмами, нагревательная рубашка, возможность выгрузки концентрата в твердом виде позволяют концентрировать обрабатываемые растворы до минимальной влажности


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