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Hot/cold water forced circulation evaporators. AC F Series evaporators

AC F series evaporators for wastewater treatment is the hot/cold water evaporators with forced circulation and external shell & tube heat exchanger. The heat necessary to boil the wastewater is supplied by hot water running into the heat exchanger; the cooling necessary to condensate the steam is supplied by cold water running into the heat exchanger at the top of the boiling chamber.

Use of the existing heating and cooling water provides a cost effective solution by reducing the operating costs.

The AC series is able to handle a variety of wastewater and, thanks to the forced circulation, reduction of fouling and scaling phenomena is achievable.



  1. low power consumption

  2. high efficiency

  3. a wide range of work

  4. dramatic reduction of volumes and disposal costs

  5. opportunity to use power from cogeneration plants

Scope of application:

  • water and wastewater treatment units using low cost energy sources

  • mining and primary metals (wastewater from ore processing, RO concentrates)

  • chemicals (gas scrubber blow-down, explosives (Nitroglycerin) wastewater, floor washing water, radwaste and etc.)

  • power (RO concentrates, IE regeneration, Gas Scrubber Blow-down)

  • mechanical and surface treatments (moulds release liquids baths, exhausted oil emulsions, quenching baths and etc.)

Evaporation plant models



Single Effect

AC F 20

20 000 lt/day

heating water flow-rate
17 m3/day (90 °C)

cooling water flow-rate

73 m3/day (25 °C)

AC F 40

40 000 lt/day


heating water flow-rate

34 m3/day (90 °C)

cooling water flow-rate

 146 m3/day (25 °C)

Double Effect

AC F 60-2

60 000 lt/day


heating water flow-rate

120 m3/day (90 °C)


cooling water flow-rate

27 m3/day (25 °C)

Distinctive features:

Extremely suitable when heat energy from cogeneration plants is available:

The heat exchangers of the system work efficiently on low-grade heat carriers

Effective operation in a wide range:

Evaporation conditions 4 – 30 kPa. Low boiling temperature 30 – 70 °C



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