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Packed-bed scrubber

Packed-bed scrubber for the acid gases capture

Packed-bed scrubber for the acid gases capture

The Packed scrubber at the plant for the production of bioethanol

The Packed scrubber at the plant for the production of bioethanol

Absorbing column / tower absorber

Absorbing column / tower absorber

The principle of Packed scrubbers is based on the process of absorption of contaminants by irrigating film of liquid (absorbent) formed on the surface of the contact device (regular and irregular nozzles).

To achieve high efficiency and intensity of the cleaning process gases in Packed scrubbers (absorbers) are required for the absorbent (scrubbing fluid), as well as to develop the surface of contact of phases, create the necessary mode while maintaining acceptable flow resistance of the absorber (scrubber) and its dimensions.

"ChemInS" offers solutions from gases, gaseous compounds, in Packed absorbers (scrubbers) to meet the requirements of the devices to achieve high efficiency of the process (creating a developed contact surface phases and intensification of their interaction).



  1. Absorption of acidic, corrosive gases

  2. High efficiency

  3. Highly concentrated solution of scrubbing fluid medium

Scope of application:

  • SO2, SO3, NOx, CO, H2S emissions cleaning of petrochemical, metallurgical enterprises

  • purification of emissions from NH3, HF, H2SO4, H3PO4 of chemical plants for the production of fertilizer

  • purification of paint, polymer enterprises from volatile organic compounds

  • purification of emissions of the pulp and paper industry from Cl2, ClO2, Cl2O, HCl

  • purification of emissions after burning of waste

  • purification of emissions from hydrocarbons of refineries

  • purification of acidic, alkaline, and toxic emissions from chemical plants

Scheme of hot gases purification from solid and gaseous impurities

Design features and principle of operation our proposed packed-bed scrubber

Absorption process mass-transfer coefficient increasing

New contact devices presence (combination nozzle, short-layered nozzles, etc.) with high surface area, high porosity, small holding capacity of the liquid, allows to ensure the highest mass transfer coefficients of the absorption process (absorption of acid gases, organic compounds, fog, mist, etc.)

High performance insuring

Scrubber design and its internal structure allow to increase gas flow velocity, the main factor limiting the speed of the gas flow is flooding of the Packed layer. In our scrubbers is possible to organize parallel flow and cross flow gas-liquid flows, which removes restrictions on the speed of the gas phase and, as a consequence, consumption

Raw gas skips absence

Download of the nozzles in a certain way, banded irrigation, the presence of CG-membrane ceiling of flows, redistribution devices, effectively clean the gas and to avoid dry zones, leading to skips of raw gas

Effective chemisorption, recovery of substances from the gas phase, their concentration

Deep modeling of the processes of absorption, complicated chemical reaction, in the design stage allow us to create an effective geometry of the scrubbers and hydrodynamically properly execute their internal structure

The relatively low hydraulic resistance

Our contact elements (nozzles) have a low hydraulic resistance. There are no stagnant zones, which eliminates the formation of gaps of the liquid. Scrubbers also steadily working in the regime of emulsification, in special cases, the possible operation of phase inversion



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