Chemical Solutions

Fluidized bed evaporator/crystallizers


  1. No contact with the circulation pump - obtaining larger crystal size compared to forced circulation crystallizers and internal circulation pipe

  2. Very narrow crystal size distribution

  3. Possibility of separate selection of crystals of a certain fraction

Process principle:

If crystal size is critical for you, one of the best solutions is fluidized bed crystallizers. The crystallization chamber of such devices consists of two parts connected by a downward circulation pipe. The lower part, called the growth chamber, has structural characteristics that make it possible to achieve conditions for uniform removal of the supersaturation of the solution and developed crystal growth.

Moreover, since the growth of crystals occurs in a fluidized state, there is a distribution of their sizes along the height of the layer, which makes it possible to carry out targeted selection of the desired fraction of crystals from a certain point along the height of the apparatus chamber.

The upper part of the crystallization chamber acts as a vapor-liquid separator and serves to maintain the required pressure, release and discharge of secondary vapors.

The device also has an external circulation circuit with a heat exchanger and an axial pump, in which the mother liquor circulates, which is practically free of crystals.



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