Chemical Solutions

Forced circulation evaporator

For solutions prone to the formation of deposits or highly viscous solutions, forced circulation devices are used.

  • - Fertilizer production
  • - Electrochemical production
  • - Food production
  • - Biotechnological processes
  • - Recovery of solvents and oils
  • - Wastewater treatment
  • - Solutions of salts, acids, alkalis



  1. Wide range of viscosity solutions

  2. Adjustable circulation speed and contact time with heating surfaces

  3. High heat exchange efficiency

  4. High capacity

Process principle:

The solution is continuously circulated through the heating chamber at a constant speed using a special pump. Increased circulation speeds provide higher heat transfer parameters and prevent the formation of deposits in the pipes of the heating chamber.

Heating chamber

The heating chambers can be positioned coaxially with the separator, or they can be mounted as a separate heat exchanger.

You can easily switch off and replace the camera for devices with a remote heating chamber. It is convenient to carry out its maintenance.

The advantage of the device with a coaxial camera is its compact size. In some cases, it is possible to implement a scheme for connecting several heating chambers to one separator, which allows to increase productivity with reduced capital costs.



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