Chemical Solutions

Natural circulation evaporator

The simplicity of the design and the absence of energy costs for forced movement of the liquid allows devices with natural circulation to be the optimal solution for the evaporation of low-viscosity solutions that are not prone to the formation of deposits in the pipes, and do not require large amounts of thermal energy.



  1. The simplest design

  2. Relatively compact sizes

  3. Lack of energy consumption for circulation of the solution

Process principle:

Operates by the “thermosiphon” principle, circulation of the evaporated solution is organized due to the difference in densities caused by the difference in temperature of the solution in the circulation pipe and the heating chamber.

The device can have both an internal (located inside the heating chamber) circulation pipe and an external one.

In the latter case, the conditions for circulation, and, consequently, the heat transfer efficiency are much better, due to which such devices are more common.



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