Chemical Solutions

Mechanical vapor recompression

Process principle

Thermal vapor recompression

A venturi steam-jet injector operated with steam is used for vapor pressurization. A steam-jet injector that serves to recompress the secondary steam generated in the apparatus, which is then fed to the heating chamber of the apparatus.

Venturi steam injectors have no movable parts and are therefore extremely resistant and reliable.

Depending on operating conditions, steam savings of up to 50% can be achieved.

Mechanical vapor recompression

Mechanical vapor recompression uses compressors of various designs. The secondary steam generated in the apparatus is compressed to pressures and temperatures, allowing it to be used as a heater, which makes it possible to almost completely eliminate the need for additional heat sources.

The electric power input, amounts to just 10-20% of the energy needed for single-stage evaporation which enables up to 90% savings. The operation of the compressors in this case occurs at very high speeds and with a high noise level. As a result, the circuit requires mandatory soundproofing.

Thus, this method of energy saving allows to achieve higher economic indicators, but requires increased investment compared with the option of thermal recompression.

Energy saving methods can be implemented in all types of devices with natural and forced circulation, with rising and falling film, including multi-unit installations.



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