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System of thermal oxidation of solid waste

Certain industrial processes contribute to the formation of  solid waste.

One of the most effective and modern methods for solving such problems is the process of thermal oxidation.

The application of this technology allows you to effectively process liquid or solid industrial waste, as well as to clean the waste technological gases of production processes from various types of organic pollutants.

The temperature of incineration (thermal oxidation) reaches values ​​up to 1200°C.

Depending on the type of recycled waste, technological conditions, as well as the customer's wishes, a certain type of technological equipment is selected, the most suitable for solving specific production tasks.



  1. Significant energy saving effect, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases at the same time

  2. Heat exchange efficiency is better

  3. Low combustion noise

  4. Improve the efficiency pf purification, also extend the life of the furnace

  5. Hierarchical combustion technology, heat effect is good. Environmental protection effect is good

  6. Organic peroxide decomposition completely

  7. PLC automatic combustion control, high degree of automation, stable operation, high safety and reliability

Scope of application:

  • Metallurgical industry

  • Mining industry

  • Petrochemical and gas industry

  • Food industry

  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Сhemical industry

The main types of equipment:

  • System of direct thermal oxidation

  • Drum furnaces for the utilization of solid waste

  • Systems of regenerative and recuperative thermal oxidation (PTO) for cleaning waste gases from organic compounds, as well as carbon monoxide

  • System pyrolysis of waste



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