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Heat exchangers FIC for cooling bulk and granular substances

The heat exchange process in the FIC apparatus is carried out by means of specially designed thermoplates, assembled into compact heat exchange assemblies (batteries), connected in series in the form of a vertical tower, which determines the modular layout of the apparatus. The design is completely demountable and allows you to replace the plates separately

The number of sections and the number of plates in each section, as well as their dimensions are determined by the set temperature conditions and productivity.

Thanks to this design, each heat exchanger is designed in full accordance with the specific task and individual characteristics of the process and can be easily modernized when the conditions of the existing production change.



  1. Energy efficiency, with savings between 70% and 90%, thanks to indirect exchange

  2. Productivity up to 250 t/h

  3. Emissions reduced to almost zero

  4. Absence of contamination and deterioration of the product

  5. Thermal stability in the product

  6. Reduced installation and operating costs

Scope of application:

  • Fertilizers: NPK, urea, phosphates

  • Powdered and crystalline chemicals

  • Minerals, salts, ore concentrates and sands

  • Polymer granulates

  • Food industry: sugar, grain, coffee, animal fee

Technical specification:

  • Steel of various grades can be used as construction material:austenitics, ferritics, special, duplex, high Nickel alloys

  • Operation conditions: pressures from a few bars up to 60-80 bar, temperatures from -200° C up to 600° C, the heat exchange duty can reach up to tens of MW

Heat exchangers for cooling bulk and granular substances from the FIC company can be operated in a wide range of temperatures, materials of construction and operating conditions. They are extremely effective in combining gravity feed and indirect heat exchange. This ensures the optimal residence time of the product in the heat exchanger, as well as eliminates collisions, squeezing and contact of the product with potentially dangerous polluting or harmful agents or components.

Heat exchangers are completely manufactured in FIC workshops without outsourcing to ensure continuous and comprehensive quality control. The high quality of the equipment is confirmed by international quality certificates ISO, EC regulations, ASME U-STAMP and etc.

The Italian company FIC was founded in 1951. Today the company occupies a leading position in the market of heat exchange equipment. The main office, production and test premises of the company are concentrated on 40,000 m2 of area, of which 20,000 m2 is occupied by an indoor industrial and office complex.

 About 130 workers work at the FIC plant and more than 15,000 tons of stainless steel passes through state-of-the-art machines, which include three welding lines: two carbon dioxide laser welding lines, one fiber laser, and a resistance multipoint welding line

Implemented projects

Test of FIC heat exchange equipment at the Balakovo branch of JSC "Apatit"

Based on the results of the test, it was found that the equipment successfully solves the customer's key problem: difficulties with packaging feed monocalcium phosphate.
The absence of sticking of the product on the cooling plates was also noted. In the warm season, the high temperature of the granules of the finished product (90-100 C) causes hygroscopicity and, as a result, high caking and packaging difficulties.
The equipment we offer successfully coped with this problem.


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