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Inclined vibrating screens "banana type"

Screening machines (screens) are manufactured in both open and closed versions. Closed systems are specially used in connection with extremely dusty, colored or toxic products or in connection with the requirement of a high degree of hygiene.

In the manufacture of screens, materials selected for each specific product are used. Thus, the screens of the screens are made either from stainless steel sheet or from carbon steel sheet with anti-corrosion paint coating. A special wear resistant coating can be provided for highly abrasive materials.

The choice of screening frames is carried out depending on the requirements of the Customer and the characteristics of the process:

- polyurethane sieves
- sieves with perforated plates
- wicker sieves (steel wire mesh)



  1. Moderately high efficiency

  2. High maintainability

Scope of application:

  • Coal

  • Iron ore

  • Hard rock mining products

  • Diamonds

  • Career products

Principle of operation:

A shaft system with vibration exciters is used.
The screening surface of the banana screen contains from two to five sections with a gradually decreasing angle of inclination.

Due to the steep angle of inclination of the first sections, the material moves at high speed, forming a thin layer. This makes it easier to screen out small particles.

The speed of movement of the material decreases to the unloading zone, it stays on the sieve longer, which contributes to better separation of "difficult" particles.

They are made in one and two tiers.

Scheme of equipment:



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