Chemical Solutions

Candle filters

Candle filters are used to clarification liquids with a low solid content.

This is a fully automatic filters periodic action on the basis of vertical filter elements that are placed in a sealed enclosure.



  1. High flexibility of the process. Fully automated process

  2. No moving parts

  3. GMP ATEX execution

  4. Turnkey modular installations

Detail of construction:

Filter element design:

1. The central collector of the filter element ensures complete removal of the filtrate residues

2. Candle mounting is attached to the filtrate collector by means of a threaded connector.

3. The support grid provides support for the filter cloth and high throughput of the element.

4. Evenly spaced welded rods to form a wave-like configuration of the fabric and a similar layer of sediment.

5. Filtrate collection chamber, from which the filtrate first enters the central pipe and then is withdrawn from the element.

6. The filter baffle during filtration takes a convex-concave shape due to pressure and evenly spaced rods

7. Sediment layer formed on the element

8. The output of the clear filtrate

Stages of process:

Solid particles are retained by the filter cloth and form a layer of sediment on its surface.

The pure filtrate flows out of the individual elements into the collector tubes and out of the filter. At the end of the filtration cycle, the sludge can be washed.

This is followed by drying the sediment by purging it with compressed air or steam.

If there is no drying stage, the sediment is discharged from the filter in the form of sludge.

At the end of the process, the pressure in the tank decreases and the discharge valve opens.

To remove the cake sediment, a return flow of compressed gas is fed into the filter element, which causes the filter cloth to expand.

In this case, the cake peels off from the fabric, falls apart into pieces and fall through discharging hole of the filter.



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