Chemical Solutions

Vacuum pan filters


  1. 50 % higher performance compared to conventional designs

  2. Intensive cake flushing is up to three stages of counter-current flushing

  3. Saving up to 25 % of washing liquid

  4. Complete separation of the mother liquor from the wash filtrates

  5. Complete separation of the mother liquor from the wash filtrates

  6. Possibility of steam treatment of cake

  7. Complete removal of the cake layer even at high speeds due to a special screw knife with adjustable position and rotation speed

  8. System for removing deposits on the filter cloth by repeated resuspending with a jet of compressed air

  9. Innovative filter cloth fixing system for quick and convenient replacement of the cloths

  10. Fully automated and reliably controlled process

Scope of application:

  • the hydroxides of aluminum

  • minerals and salts

  • iron and other ore concentrates

  • chemicals

  • potash

  • phosphorites

  • phosphoric acid

Design features:

The system of forced distribution of a suspension

The suspension is fed in 4 equal flows to the corresponding sectors of the disk with equal surface areas, which allows to achieve a uniform layer of cake over the entire surface of the filter, which is important for flushing, steam treatment and discharge of cake.

Hydraulically optimized design of filter cells is «Quick emptying cells».

Depending on the size, the pan filter can have from 16 to 24 filter cells. The small volume of the cells and the special design make it possible to significantly speed up the emptying of the cell, prevent the mixing of filtrates of different stages, and reduce the consumption of wash water.

Cake washing devices

Cake washing is carried out using special overflow devices that distribute the washing water along the filter radius. Depending on the requirements of the process, it is possible to perform up to 3 stages of counter-current washing of the cake.

The design provides the following advantages:

- High uniformity of distribution of washing water

- Create a high fluid flows

- No problems with clogging the nozzles

Steam treatment system

Steam supply allows optimal final washing and dewatering of the formed sediment layer.

Steam is supplied to the cake through a steam hood with special guide plates.

Advantages of the system:

- intensive washing of cake in the condensation layer

- low humidity due to evaporation of moisture and heating of cake

Cake discharge system

A special discharge screw with a control device that allows you to adjust both the speed of rotation and the position of the blades, ensuring uniform and complete removal of the cake layer.

Advantages of the system:

- the speed of rotation of the screw is coordinated with the speed of rotation of the filter

- adjustable vertical position of the screw

- wear- resistant material with high manganese content

- easy installation and disassembly of the device

System for removing deposits on the filter cloth

The system allows to remove the layer of deposits remaining after unloading the cake from the filter cloth, which significantly increases its service life and improves the performance of the process.



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