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Spray dryers

Spray drying is used to obtain dry powder or granular products from liquid and pasty concentrates.
Drying of the substance in the apparatus is carried out in a spray (fine- dispersed form).
This reduces the duration of the process to a few seconds and get the final product of a uniform dispersed composition.



  1. fast drying time, which makes it possible to work with sensitive materials

  2. work with liquid and pasty materials, suspensions, emulsions, solutions

  3. possibility to organize joint spraying and mixing of several products

  4. obtaining finely dispersed products with a uniform distribution of sizes

  5. the possibility of organizing a recycle or closed cycle with a special atmosphere.

  6. easy cleaning, including using CIP systems

  7. high performance

Scope of application:

  • chemical industry

  • polymer industry

  • ceramic industry

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • food industry

Process principle:

It is a drying chamber, usually with a cylindrical body and a conical bottom. 

There are designs in which there are devices for spraying the dried material - atomizers. 

Under the action of atomizers, the material is sprayed in the form of drops and dried in the hot air flow entering the chamber. 

Evaporation of moisture from drops and the formation of a dry product occurs under controlled temperature and aerodynamic conditions that determine the drying kinetics and properties of the product. 

Typical design of spray dryers:

Screenshot at Apr 03 12-52-05.png


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