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In cases where the company management wants to purchase new equipment, but does not have the relevant Finance, we can arrange equipment leasing. This method of financing is more profitable than just a Bank loan.

Based on this, you already start to work on new hardware with better performance. Payment can be made from recoverable at this added share of the profits.

This funding is based on the Contract of financial rent (leasing).

A decision on the signing of the financial lease (leasing) contract shall be made after providing us with a completed questionnaire and full package of documents.

Requirements to the Lessee:

  • Lessees may be enterprises working for at least 2 years, with positive balance sheets, stable and established sales of manufactured products (rendered services), the standard form of taxation, are willing to pay for the advance payment of 30-50% of the transaction value.

  • The Lessee has arrears to the budget and extrabudgetary funds.

  • Net current assets (the difference between current assets and current liabilities) of the Lessee on the last reporting date a positive.

  • The activities of the Lessee profitable in the last complete financial year and during the last reporting period.

Stages of leasing transaction


The provision of constituent and accounting documents.


The adoption of Bank decisions on the financing of the transaction.


Agreement schedule of lease payments.


Submission of all required documents.


The signing of the lease agreement.


Payment of the advance.


Payment of a subject of leasing.


Delivery of the equipment (shipment).


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