Chemical Solutions

Thin film dryer

Highly efficient and compact dryers for liquid products.

Drying is carried out by the contact method by transferring heat through the walls of the drying chamber to a thin film of material. 

The material to be dried goes through the stages of suspension, paste, wet powder and leaves completely dry.



  1. short contact time to maintain product properties

  2. simple and quick start and stop procedures

  3. reliable process modeling and scaling

  4. no need for drying gas

  5. high performance.

  6. liquids, pastes, suspensions

Scope of application:

  • pharmaceutical and food products

  • chemical industry

  • polymer production

Process principle:

The cylindrical vertical housing is equipped with a heating jacket. Inside the case is a rotor with rows of rotating blades. When the rotor rotates, the blades distribute the wet product as a thin layer along the heated surface of the housing and mix it intensively. 

Due to this process organization, volatile components are continuously removed from the product layer with high evaporation rates. 

Evaporation begins after the material is heated to the boiling point of the contained moisture. The first solid particles are formed already at the initial site and the pasty product is completely converted into a powder. The final solid product is discharged by gravity to the bottom of the dryer

Typical design of film dryer:

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