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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO). Direct combustion systems with recovery

RTO Example

RTO Example

RTO Example

RTO Example

System of the cleaned caloric gas thermal oxidation

System of the cleaned caloric gas thermal oxidation

System of thermal oxidation with energy recovery

System of thermal oxidation with energy recovery


  1. High efficiency

  2. Low fuel consumption thanks to the regenerative system

  3. Compact design

Scope of application:

  • Calorie emissions burning of the chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as polymer, paint-and-lacquer and others, which have organic compounds in their emissions

Scheme of regenerative thermal oxidation

Disposal emissions

Effective treatment of calories multicomponent gas mixtures with energy savings

By the high flow clean gas phase containing several components of pollutants, oxidative methods are the most effective. The establishment of furnaces with recuperative organization systems allow us to obtain the purified gas with a positive balance of heat

Energy saving

In case of caloric contaminants (high-calorie pollutant) presence in gas phase it is possible to carry out the process self-sustaining combustion when the need for an external energy source (gas or liquid fuel) is minimal. The exhaust hot gases are sent to heat exchangers with an efficiency of over 70% for heating incoming gas to clean it. The piping system arranged so that the heat transfer in the process of moving gas flows to combustion chamber and to heat exchangers

Recuperative heat exchangers usage and gas flows heat recovery set-up

The design includes various systems for using the heat of exhaust gases. These include heat exchangers with high rates of mass - and heat transfer, and the creation of different cameras, systems flows, additional insulation, etc., supporting the necessary hydrodynamic regime and ensuring the preservation of heat within the system


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