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Catalytic oxidation system

System of polluted gases catalytic oxidation with energy recovery

System of polluted gases catalytic oxidation with energy recovery

Mobile catalytic oxidation emission

Mobile catalytic oxidation emission

To save energy there is heating the contaminated gas mixture in the heat exchanger occurs, then the gas mixture is heated in the combustion chamber to the ignition temperature of the catalyst, and then directed to the catalyst. Purified gas mixture prior to discharge is directed to the heat exchanger where a portion of the heat of contaminated gas mixture.



  1. High efficiency

  2. Low fuel consumption thanks to the regenerative system

  3. Compact design

Scope of application:

  • Catalytic oxidation of gaseous pollutants emissions in chemical, petrochemical and other branch plants

Schematic diagram of catalytic oxidation of polluting gas impurities

Disposal emissions

Regenerative heat exchangers usage

The design includes various systems for using the heat of exhaust gases. So the exhaust gases containing the polluting substances have to be sent through the hot elements of the regenerative heat exchanger. Thus, significantly reduces the consumption of fuel for the main burner. Thus in our systems as regenerative elements are catalysts, which enables simultaneous catalytic oxidation of harmful impurities to produce a positive balance of heat

Ensuring high efficiency

This system has a high energy potential for secondary energy recovery for disposal emissions containing harmful organic compounds. Energy efficiency is the low primary energy consumption due to the low temperature of catalytic oxidation process; use high-efficient plate heat exchangers. The burner fuel can be replaced by electric heaters.



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