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Packed biofilter with irrigated layer

Packed biofilter with irrigated layer

Bulk biofilter with a loading of natural origin

Bulk biofilter with a loading of natural origin

The system of uniform distribution for the bulk of the biofilter

The system of uniform distribution for the bulk of the biofilter

Laying pipe for supplying the purified gas phase in the biofilter bulk

Laying pipe for supplying the purified gas phase in the biofilter bulk

The principle of operation of the biological filters (further – biofilters) based on the ability of microorganisms to degradation of polluting compounds (volatile organic compounds, NH3, sulfur compounds) to CO2 and water vapor with the aim of obtaining energy and nutrients to carry out its activity. For the effective implementation of the process of biological filtration in the design of the biofilter it is necessary to pay special attention to the nozzle, serving as a platform for biofilm formation, and organization of the flow regimes of the gas phase and the scrubbing liquid.

Cleaning gas emissions from polluting compounds, in packed biofilter is an environmentally safe, as do not form secondary pollution, and the least energy - and resource-intensive process. Contaminated gases enter the cooler-type Venturi scrubber, and then separation of the gas in the centrifugal droplet separator, if necessary cooling of the gas. The gas is directed co-current flow in packed biofilter, and the liquid after the droplet separator in the receiving tank/sump from which the liquid with the absorbed substances also, the forward flow is supplied in the packed biofilter. The volume of the Packed layer of the trickling filter, the biomembrane, the process of biodegradation of pollutants to water vapor and carbon dioxide. The system is equipped with a canister for accumulation of pollutants floating in the values of the concentration or the variability of consumption. Over time the regeneration of adsorbent with steam or gas, which is sent for treatment in the biological filter.



  1. High efficiency of cleaning

  2. Minimum maintenance cost

  3. Environmental safety of the process because the cleaning process produces no secondary pollution

Scope of application:

  • Chemical and petrochemical plants, plastics, paint, waste incineration, food and other related industries emissions deodorization

The scheme of gas purification from volatile organic compounds, including deodorization gas emissions

Filtration system features:

Biomembrane formation

Reliable and effective biological filters (further – biofilters), especially in terms of climate of the Russian Federation, are the systems with immobilized microorganisms. We cultivate the necessary microorganisms-destructors and ensure their growth in the conditions of the biofilter. Due to special packing layers and organization of the hydrodynamic regime ensured the maintaining of microorganisms with biofilm formation. Such filtration systems are characterized by stable performance with the efficiency of gas purification from volatile organic compounds greater than 99 %.

Environmentally friendly (ecologicaly safe) technology

Biofilters treat waste-free technologies, since in a Packed bed biofilm occurs by biodegradation of polluting compounds (mostly organic, H2S, NH3) to water vapor and carbon dioxide, thus, contaminants are not transferred to another phase, such as by thermal oxidation, absorption or adsorption, and are used by microorganisms as an energy source.

Minimum capital and operating costs

Well-organized bio-filtration system requires minimal maintenance: about 0.3 kWh per 1000 m3/h; fan low-pressure, since the resistance of the Packed layer is characterized by minimum values and the rate of gas flow should correspond to the viscous flow regime of gas; the pump operates intermittently. The flow of irrigating fluid (water) is minimal, is circulated in the loop filtration system.

The biofilter with an irrigated layer has a repeatedly smaller dimensions and greater performance than conventional bulk filters

Ensure the necessary surface contact due to the design of a new combined nozzle biofilter, providing the required contact time due to supported by the particular method of hydrodynamic regime and irrigation allow for the purification of waste gases in biofilters with irrigated layer capacity of more than 20 000 m3/h with the cross sectional area of the biological filter 2-3 m2.



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