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Adsorbers (front end purification bottles)

Coal adsorbers

Coal adsorbers

System of adsorbers with regeneration of captured solvents

System of adsorbers with regeneration of captured solvents

Adsorber with the loading of a granular layer of silica gel

Adsorber with the loading of a granular layer of silica gel

The adsorption devices principle of operation based on the ability of solids (adsorbents) in contact with the gaseous medium, to concentrate the components of the interface. The ability of particles (ions, atoms or molecules) of adsorbent to attract and hold gas molecules due to the excess energy at the surface. In this regard, the adsorbents must meet certain requirements, namely, high specific surface area (500 m2/m3) that is developed using porous materials, powders, granules, as well as work in a fluidized mode, the presence of chemisorption properties (e.g., coal). As clogging of the adsorbent requires regeneration, which consists in removing the adsorbed substances by desorption of saturated or superheated steam or heated inert gas.

Our offered vessels are characterized by high sorption capacity, low hydraulic resistance and require minimum maintenance. Depending on operating parameters and properties of the purified gas phase adsorbent can be used as a stationary granular layer specifically designed for efficient adsorption of various contaminants, activated carbon, zeolite, lime, and fluidized granular layer.

These adsorbers are effective not only as a system for deodorizing, but also to clean the gases from contaminants, including such as heavy metals, furans, dioxins, etc.



  1. Easy maintenance

  2. Low hydraulic resistance

  3. High efficiency

  4. A wide variety of adsorbents with high sorption capacity

Scope of application:

  • Adsorption method is widely used in deodorization gas emissions of food processing plants, when it is necessary to reduce contaminants to very low values of trace (ppb to parts per billion)

  • Chemical, petrochemical and related industries.

Technical specification:

  • performance is limited by the size of the canister as is necessary to withstand a certain residence time in the adsorbent layer

  • efficiency up to 99%

  • concentration of pollutants in gases 0,02-0,5 % vol

Structural features:

Effective capture of organic solvents, furans, high-density (heavy) metals, etc.

With a wide range of adsorbents with highly developed specific surface area and chemisorption properties of our absorbers are capable of absorbing almost any polluting gas phase substances

High performance without increasing of the adsorber size

Adsorbers with a fluidized adsorbent layer allow to increase the rate of gas flow and, consequently, consumption. In the adsorbers with a fluidized bed increases the surface mass transfer and mass transfer intensification due to the increase in gas velocity

Low hydraulic resistance

Adsorbent grains layering, maintaining the viscous flow regime of gas flow in the adsorbers with fixed adsorbent provides a relatively low hydraulic resistance of the apparatus



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