Chemical Solutions

Screw feeders

We carry out a complete supply of dosing and weighing systems, special design for the chemical industry.



  1. Increased accuracy of material dosage due to accurate calculation of the design of the working body of the feeder

  2. Possibility of combining the feeder with the Customer's equipment

  3. Gentle material handling - minimal fraction breakdown

  4. Low running costs, low power consumption

  5. Simple reliable design, high maintainability

  6. Fast and easy installation

  7. Long-term operation without repairs and preventive measures

  8. Fully sealed for dust-free material handling with minimal noise

  9. The auger batcher, if necessary, can have capacity adjustment by installing a frequency converter

Scope of application:

  • Powdery materials

  • Granular materials

  • Bulk materials

Scheme of equipment:



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