Chemical Solutions

Screw conveyors

Компания «КемИнС» поставляет любые виды шнековых конвейеров, смесителей, увлажнителей с непрерывным винтом, ленточной спиралью, лопастями из углеродистой или нержавеющей стали.

Мы осуществляем комплектную поставку дозирующих и весовых систем, специальное исполнение для химической промышленности.



  1. High safety of use. No external moving parts to minimize the risk of injury to personnel

  2. Small dimensions make it possible to easily integrate the device into production lines and technological installations, move loads between rooms and between levels

  3. Closed-type units are indispensable when working with toxic and dust-prone substances. All connections are easily sealed with gaskets

Scope of application:

  • Powdery materials

  • Granular materials

  • Bulk materials

  • Suitable for moving both hot and cold loads

Principle of operation:

1. Bulk material gets into the storage hopper or directly into the inlet pipe;

2. Rotating propeller blades capture portions of the load and push it towards the outlet pipe;

3. Upon reaching the outlet, the weight leaves the mechanism through it.



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