Chemical Solutions

Semi-portal reclaimer

The desire to reduce the cost of transporting goods prompts manufacturers of transport equipment to seek new technological solutions.

Additionally, customers expect their equipment to run smoothly and minimize maintenance costs.

For the organization of storage facilities (open and closed), instead of the classical scheme with the use of a grab crane, the use of a reclaimer is increasingly being proposed.

Semi-portal reclaimers are used in warehouses that are divided lengthwise into two parts. This allows you to have a larger number of cells for graded storage of various materials and form two independent flows of material from the warehouse.



  1. Possibility of continuous loading or unloading of material

  2. Reducing capital construction costs when organizing a warehouse

  3. No need to register equipment and the building where it works with Rostekhnadzor

  4. Possibility to increase productivity by installing additional booms

  5. Long service life

  6. High reliability and manufacturability

Scope of application:

  • Coal

  • Cement

  • Phosphates

  • Mineral fertilizers



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