Chemical Solutions

Calcium chloride production

Calcium chloride is an inorganic compound marketed as a 36% solution, 75-78% flakes, or 94-97% granules.
It is used as an anti-icing agent, desiccant, additive to reduce the setting time of concrete, oil extraction and in the food industry.
The process for the production of calcium chloride is based on the reaction of limestone with hydrochloric acid, but it is also common to obtain this compound as a by-product in the production of soda ash by the Selve method.

Together with experienced partners, we are ready to offer you the most modern solutions for the production of calcium chloride in all the indicated commercial forms.

Processes include reaction steps, magnesium stripping, solution filtration, fluidized bed granulation, or concentration and flake production. In this case, a special fluidized bed drying technology with internal heat recovery can be proposed, into which a 36% solution obtained after neutralization can be directly fed without a concentration step.


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