Chemical Solutions

Gas purification after incineration of industrial waste

This cleaning system includes a spray scrubber for evaporation of effluents after wet apparatus with warm gas that has come for cleaning. It is also possible to install a recuperation system in order to cool and use the heat of the gas.

Next, the gas is mixed with the adsorbent, after which it is sent to bag filters, where the gas is filtered from solid particles.
To neutralize acidic compounds, the gas is directed to a jet scrubber sprayed with a NaOH solution.
The next wet scrubber is a packed scrubber, where pollutants are absorbed from the gas phase by a scrubbing solution.

Further, the gas is heated in a heat exchanger and sent to the afterburner, after which it undergoes selective purification with ammonia from nitrogen oxides, and, guaranteed purified, is released into the atmosphere.


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