Chemical Solutions

Purification of gases from volatile organic compounds. Deodorization

Purification of gas-air emissions from VOCs in packed biofilters is environmentally friendly - since no secondary pollution is formed - and the least energy and resource-intensive process.

Contaminated gases enter the cooler as a Venturi scrubber, then the gas is separated in a centrifugal droplet separator. In this case, the gas is directed by direct flow into the packed biofilter, and the liquid after the droplet separator - into the receiving tank / settler, from where the liquid with the absorbed substances is also fed directly into the packed biofilter.

In the volume of the packed biofilter layer, on which the biofilm is located, the process of biodegradation of pollutants to water vapor and carbon dioxide takes place. The system is equipped with an adsorber for the accumulation of pollutants at floating concentration values ​​or variable flow rates.

Over time, the adsorbent is regenerated with steam or gas, which is sent to the biofilter for cleaning.


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