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Crushed activated charcoal STKA(K)

Crushed activated charcoal STK-A (K) is produced from brown coal from the Bolshesyrsky deposit of the Kansk-Achinsky coal basin. The production process is crushing, gasification at high temperature in stationary batch furnaces. STK-A (K) coal is a high-strength effective sorbent for a wide range of applications. The particle size is 2.5-8 mm. It is made according to TU 20.14.71-001-49584260-2020


  1. lack of mechanical impurities

  2. lack of harmful substances

  3. high adsorption activity

  4. wide range of applications

Scope of application:

  • Gold recovery

  • Drinking water purification

  • Wastewather treatment

  • Recycled Water Treatment

  • Process solution cleaning

  • Basis of catalysts and chemical absorbers

  • Industrial gas cleaning

  • Flotation Agent Absorption

  • Cement production

  • Petroleum products vapor adsorption

  • Organic regeneration

  • Amine Solutions purification

  • Sugar refining

  • Chimney cleaning




Bulk density, g/dm3


GOST 16190

Iodine Adsorption Activity, % not less


GOST 6217

Summary pore volume by the moisture capacity, cm3/g, not less


GOST 17219

Fractional composition, %,

mass fraction of residue on

a sieve with a mesh:

1 mm, not less

2.5 mm, not less

5 mm, no more

8 mm, no more

on a pallet, no more






GOST 3826

Ash, dry condition (Ad), %


GOST 12596

Moisture fraction of mass,

{Wrt), %*

By agreement with the customer, the mass fraction of water can be changed

≤ 10

GOST 12597

Volatile matter yield, (Vdaf), %


GOST R55660


FIBC packing of 550 kg

Other types of packaging are possible upon agreement with the buyer.


Products are delivered to the buyer's warehouse by road, water and rail.



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