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Tubular conveyors

Conveyors with a length from 1000 to 11500 mm

Conveyors with a length from 1000 to 11500 mm

Tubular conveyors are used for dosing, conveying of cement, concrete and other bulk materials. The operation of these transporters is possible in horizontal, inclined and vertical planes.


  1. Performance up to 40 t/h, screw rotational speed is 300 rpm.

  2. Drive, reducers Italian production.

  3. Easy transportation, installation and connection

  4. Inspection hatches (windows) for cleaning.

Scope of application:

  • Cement, lime, gypsum, mining industries

  • Chemical industry

The production version of the worm (screw) includes

  • standard input and output with the rim;

  • the length of the conveyor from 1000 to 11500 mm;

  • under the inlet hole and under each hanger bearing located revision openings;

  • intermediate flange;

  • suspension bearing;

  • lifting hooks;

  • end - to-end tube passage;

  • coating and painting the surface.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of the tubular conveyor based on the movement of the transported product with a screw rotating in a trough. The product enters the chute of the conveyor through the loading pipe section end boot, or partition the average boot, is moved along the trough by the screw receiving rotation from the actuator, and is released through the outlet pipes or outlet end of the average section.



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