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Circular mixer

Circular mixer

Horizontal mixer of periodic (intermittent) action

Horizontal mixer of periodic (intermittent) action

Depending on the physicochemical properties of the products and the mixing process we provide mixers of various types.

For variable processes and frequent changes of products we offer efficient mixing mixers of periodic action.

For continuous operation, suitable for continuous mixers, ideal for mixing powdered materials, and for treatment of large masses.

The mixing of large volumes of processed materials in a compact size effectively carried out in mixers, annular layer. Under the influence of centrifugal forces, the product forms an annular layer at the wall of the tank. Due to the high relative speed between the rotating mixing mechanism and mixing drum, and also through the use of different mixing elements, provided by high intensity mixing without the formation of agglomerates.

Vertical mixers can handle products of different consistency and are ideal for nearly all mixing operations.

For laboratory purposes, where the processing and development of a wide variety of products, we offer laboratory mixers, effectively working in flexible environments.

The size and other parameters of each machine (plant) are calculated in accordance with a given capacity, the flow rate and properties of the product.



  1. Perfect mixture at the outlet.

  2. Quick unloading without residues.

  3. Optimum opportunities for cleaning (if desired, in accordance with the standard of EHEDG).

  4. Minor maintenance costs.

Scope of application:

  • Pre-processing of polypropylene powders for the chemical industry, flour mixes preparation for food industry, the hydration of fly ash from power plants the manufacture of cement mixtures in the field of building materials.

  • Homogenization, agglomeration, granulation or moisture.

  • Homogenization of products in a sparing mode, pre-treatment of solid mixtures and mixtures of solid and liquid phases, processing of pasty mixtures. Production of construction materials. Food industry.


Ensuring a high degree of homogenization

Design of mixing mechanism ensures a homogenization of the mixture throughout the volume without the formation of stagnant zones. It is possible to carry out mixing up to 20 different individual components with each other

Mixing operation modes

The use of different mixers and regulation of their rotation velosity provides a "gentle" mixing, for example, for biotechnological purposes, or intensive mixing in a high turbulent mode, for example, for the mixtures where you want to get rid of lumps and fibres

Dusty bulk materials to dust-free form transit

Dusting materials to a dust-free form transit is achieved by hydration. It is necessary to carry out the mixing of the liquid and the desired product. This procedure is accompanied by vigorous stirring with high performance, which is achieved in our continuous mixers, characterized by small dimensions with high performance

Efficiency, performance and compactness

Continuous mixers of the horizontal type can operate in the vortex mode, which allows to achieve high performance with minimal dimensions and power consumption. For example, circuit mixers designed for efficient homogenization at low processing time that makes them high performance even in a compact size

Shape of the paddles under the product, different types of mixers

The design of the geometry of the mixing elements on the basis of physico-chemical properties of the mixing substances, allows intense and gentle at the same time mixing without the formation of agglomerates. While various types of mixers (cylindrical, annular, vertical and horizontal) allow for efficient mixing of various materials in any of the technological process

Homogenization of large volumes of products

With the purpose of large volumes of materials mixing for elimination of technological breakdowns and disruptions we offer mixers are batch and continuous operation, capable of homogenizing large volumes up to 80 m3



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