Chemical Solutions

Flash dryers

Flash dryers are a simple and effective solution for drying light powders and granules with relatively high moisture.

The basis of flash dryer operation is the principle of material pneumotransport by hot gas flow.



  1. possibility of combining drying and material transport processes

  2. operation at high temperatures due to the short contact time

  3. ability to work with high performance with a relatively small size.

  4. easy maintenance and low operating costs

  5. highly sensitive process control

  6. high heat exchange efficiency

  7. short start and stop sequence.

  8. short start and stop sequence.

Scope of application:

  • sawdust and other light-weight materials in various industries

  • filtration precipitates

  • fine powders

  • fibers

Flash dryer designs:

Pneumatic tubes

They are a vertical pipe in which gas and material are moved in a direct flow, usually from the bottom up. Gas is both a drying and transporting agent. The residence time of the material in the dryer is very short, and the amount of material simultaneously in the pipe is small, which allows the use of such dryers for heat-sensitive, explosive and fire hazardous materials

Cyclone and vortex dryers 

Cyclone dryers consist of a cylindrical body with a different set of internal reflective walls (usually conical type). The product is sucked into the gas stream and introduced tangentially into the dryer body. The design and number of partitions are individually selected for each product, providing a developed turbulent vortex flow and high heat and mass transfer efficiency. 

Tornesh dryers

Tornesh Dryers work on innovative technology combining the advantages of cyclone dryers and fluidized bed dryers

A unique feature of these dryers is the design of the feed chamber, due to the device of which a multiphase flow of gas and powder is created. The design of the dryer is extremely simple and compact, has no protruding internal parts and nozzles, and can be easily cleaned. All this gives Tornesh dryers significant advantages over common pneumatic dryers.

Spiral pneumatic dryers



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