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Paddle dryers of various capacities

Paddle dryers of various capacities

General view of the paddle of the dryer

General view of the paddle of the dryer

Paddle dryer/cooler is a high-speed horizontal dryer, consisting of a casing, two rotating in opposite directions hollow shafts with special paddles and a gas-tight cover.

Blade technology based on conductive drying method of drying (using a coolant, for example oil). During conductive drying, the heat transfer between the coolant and the product occurs through the metal surface. Optimal heat transfer is guaranteed, if the product is in constant contact with the heated surface and is constantly updated. Thanks to a special wedge-shaped form of the blades, which are mounted on the shafts of the dryer, the product is optimally mixed, which further increases the heat transfer coefficient, and is moved further along the dryer.

The shafts are designed so that the blades provide an intensive heat exchange. This achieves high heat transfer coefficient and increase in heat output of the dryer.

Paddle dryers provide high intensity and efficiency of drying and may be used for the treatment of a number of materials, from solids to high-moisture slurries or paste-like mixtures, including those sensitive to high temperature.



  1. Blades of special design provides a high degree of mixing of the product, which also increases the heat transfer coefficient.

  2. The possibility of cooling immediately after drying due to the ability of the dryer to work in different temperature regimes.

  3. High thermal efficiency.

  4. Elimination of the product sticking / adhesion / buildup.

Scope of application:

  • drying, cooling, granulation

  • heating, chemical reaction

  • mixing, sterilization, etc.

  • for chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries

  • for water treatment plants


Wedge shape of the blades

Wedge-shaped blades of special design ensure efficient mixing of the product, and also have high and uniform heat transfer to the entire volume of the product. The opposite rotation of the blades relative to each other provides the cleaning product from the surface, thereby self-cleaning the dryer

Achieving temperatures up to 290 °c

When using oil as coolant can reach temperatures up to 290 °C, which dramatically increases the driving force of heat transfer and, consequently, step up (enhance) the drying process

Simultaneous drying and cooling

It is possible to implement zoning along the length of the paddle dryer. For example, in the first zone use a hot heat carrier for drying, and in the next area, use a cooling agent for cooling. Thus, it is possible to get the finished product out of the dryer



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