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Belt dryers

Система встряхивания фильтровальных плит

Система встряхивания фильтровальных плит

Система промывки ткани

Система промывки ткани

Belt dryers are widely used for drying granular, coarse, fibrous materials, as well as finished products and semi-finished products. Due to the design features, that practically exclude any mechanical impact on a material, the application of belt dryers is especially reasonable in cases where it is not allowed to delaminate or damage the shape of the material, for example, when drying fragile and molded products or granular catalysts.



  1. work with fragile, molded and granular products without breaking the structure

  2. adjustable gas temperature, speed and direction for each drying section

  3. installation of additional equipment for mechanical impact on the product

  4. energy saving due to drying gas recycling

  5. different types of processing in one line

  6. variety of processes and applications

  7. exact processing time

Scope of application:

  • extrudates

  • molded blanks

  • granules

  • crumbs

  • ore chunks

  • pastes

  • feeds

  • food products

  • lumps

Process principle:

The installation may also include cooling zones of the material. Belt dryers are equipped with various auxiliary equipment - feeders, dispensers, cleaning devices, etc.

The belt dryer consists of a perforated conveyor belt, with which the material to be dried moves through modular drying chambers in which the product contacts the drying gas. 

The drying gas may be directed in an ascending, descending or combined manner to create the best conditions for homogeneous processing. The belt speed can be automatically adjusted, which is especially important for products requiring precise processing times. 

The installation may also include cooling zones for the material. Belt dryers are equipped with various auxiliary equipment-feeders, distributors, cleaning devices, etc.

Typical design of belt dryers:ленточная сушилка англ.jpg



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