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Dry gravity separator Aka-Flow

AKA-FLOW dry air separator

AKA-FLOW dry air separator

AKA-FLOW is a dry gravity separator is used for preliminary sorting and enrichment materials on the principle of separation of particles of different density, as well as for a possible pre-concentration before the wet mechanical separation processes.



  1. Completely dry methods of density separation of the primary concentrates

  2. Pre-concentration, the reduction of transport costs

  3. Environmentally friendly process of mining and milling

  4. Low power consumption

Scope of application:

  • Coal

  • Quartz / feldspar

  • Toxins stainless steel

  • Barite

  • Iron ore of different origin

  • Ilmenite

  • Heavy mineral sand deposits

  • Primary and secondary tantalum ore

  • Salt

Principle of operation

The basis of the principle of division laid down a combination of collaboration created in the air flow "fluidized bed" with specially designed noise. Latest deployment and testing on the basis of various feed materials showed high efficiency of developed machines and the technologies. The optimum size fraction for separation AKA-FLOW is in the range of 2 mm. capacity depends on feed material and may vary from the initial 3 – 6 t/h and 9 – 18 t/h when the width of the separator is from 400 mm to 1200 mm.



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