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Thickener-clarifier Aka-Set

The design of objects in CAD

The design of objects in CAD

Radial clarifier. Diameter 2.8 m

Radial clarifier. Diameter 2.8 m

A 80/150 – diameter 8 m, the system with a concrete base

A 80/150 – diameter 8 m, the system with a concrete base

Thickener - A 80/150

Thickener - A 80/150

The thickener A 100/150 – diameter 10 m, in operation

The thickener A 100/150 – diameter 10 m, in operation

Radial thickeners with Central drive AKA-SET is for thickening and desliming pulps and slurries, clarification of recycled water and solutions on the mining and processing factories, metallurgical, chemical and other industries.

Thanks to the application of the process of thickening, there is an increase in concentration, i.e., increasing the amount of solids in a certain volume of pulp, which allows you to adjust the pulp density in accordance with subsequent technological operations. The condensing process precedes the process of pressure filtration, allows to increase the efficiency and productivity of processing.

The pulp concentration becomes possible as a result of the deposition of the contained solid particles under the action of the attached mass forces, usually gravitational or centrifugal.

In General, the process of thickening the thickener in compliance with the specified modes of operation the pulp is distributed into several zones according to the depth of thickener. In the upper area of the thickener contains the clarified liquid in the middle area of the pulp with the initial density and at the bottom area of compaction or consolidation. As a result, the fluid pressure upstream layers.



  1. Intensive withdrawal of clarified liquid with minimal evaporation loss due to the reduced radial dimensions

  2. Fully automated dispensing station will optimized reagent consumption

  3. The ability to quickly respond and adapt when changes in operation modes

  4. High performance

Scope of application:

  • Enrichment of ores, minerals and mineral raw materials

  • Products of chemical production

  • Alumina

  • Coproducts / by-products

  • Water treatment

High degree of automation of the thickener AKA-SET ensures process stability.

Radial thickener AKA-SET is equipped with a system of LSU with the opportunity for local and remote control. Sensors control the density of the thickened product, clarified the level of the layer is synchronized with the control system for preparation and dosing of flocculant, the discharge system of thickener.

The thickeners have a wide range of sizes, with a diameter of 2.8 m to 18 m

Standard sizes


Diameter, mm

Height, mm

Engine power, kW

A 28/150




A 40/150




A 60/150




A 80/150*




A 100/150




A 120/150




A 140/150




A 160/150




A 180/150




* Since the A80 type, possible version with the organization of the unsupported system flat bottomed on a concrete base

Why you should choose us

Laboratory and pilot plant testing

we can always check the rationality of the use of flocculants, to test in the lab and on the customer's premises. This allows to provide guarantees to the customer the process.

High-strength construction

using of modern CAE tools can accurately determine the strength characteristics and to select the material for the thickener capable of obtain the product with high density.

Better suited for work with aggressive media

the possibility of application of various polymer materials for protection of the working bath and any parts in contact with the suspension in the whole range of pH environment.

High efficiency thickening

the particular location of the hoe-type of farm, construction supply well allow to form the required thickness of the filtering layer to reduce the turbidity of the condensed layer.


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