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Classifier upflow

Sizer TAS 161 - kaolin for ceramics, quartz sand

Sizer TAS 161 - kaolin for ceramics, quartz sand

Sizer TAK 222 - surface area of 3.9 m<sup>2</sup>

Sizer TAK 222 - surface area of 3.9 m2

SIZER TAK 222 - removal of fine coal

SIZER TAK 222 - removal of fine coal

Classifier upstream AKA-SIZER type TAK is an effective device in solving the problems of gravitational methods of enrichment of quartz Sands, obtaining high quality glass-making, moulding sands for various applications.

Classifiers SO provide separation of fractions from 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm, depending on various characteristics of feed materials.



  1. Easy maintenance

  2. Accurate classification of products (fraction separation 0.1 – 1.0 mm

  3. High performance

  4. Remove coal impurities of sand over the entire operating range of the class size

Scope of application:

  • Glass, foundry sand, and other Sands for industrial use

  • Special Sands

  • For certain types of ores

Technical specification:

  • Perforated elliptical bottom shape, provides accurate direction of the water where it is needed for the classification process.

  • The special design of the holes in the injectors prevents material from entering water chamber, thus preventing unexpected downtime associated with its cleaning.

  • Unloading the coarse fraction is carried out using a sphincter valve with automatic control and positioner. The special design of the valve, provided with pinch tube, eliminates contact of the movable elements with abrasive slurry. The control system is in automatic mode and ensuring the maintenance of the height of the "fluidized bed" in the chamber at a constant level, which ensures consistently high accuracy of separation.

The sizes of the classifier upflow AKA-SIZER type SO

One-part classifier type TAK

TAK 091

TAK 121

TAK 161

TAK 191

TAK 222

TAK 262

TAK 303

Size, diameter in mm








Surface area of Foundation in m2








Principle of operation

Pulp supply with a relatively high solids concentrations, up to 60 % by mass, supplied to the upper part of the classifier. The larger particles precipitated a faster, form in the lower part of the chamber layer composed of large material. Under this layer is a perforated bottom, through which under slight pressure is fed additional water, which ensures a constant movement of particles in the lower layer.

The constant motion of particles allows the smaller particles to be washed away from the layer and go up, while the large particles settle down and head to the drainage channel system unloading.

Fine fraction is removed from the classifier with the main volume of water through the upper discharge chute in the form of slurry with low solids concentrations.



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