Chemical Solutions

Bucket elevators

We supply bucket elevators according to the physical characteristics of the material being transported, such as particle size, temperature, humidity, stickiness, abrasiveness, etc.

For tough working conditions, elevators with two continuous chains with round links and toothed wheels are most often used.


Technical specification:

  • Standard sizes (i.e. bucket width) from 315 mm

  • Continuous buckets - pocket buckets with overlapping edges and bushings to connect to the drive pin

  • Drive wheels with replaceable teeth

  • Return wheels with hub and smooth rings

  • Continuous chains made of high quality alloy steel

  • Couplings for connecting chain threads

  • Bucket drive pin, one end of which connects to chains

  • Tray for feeding material at the idler station in the center

  • Material unloading chute under the drive station in the center

  • Standard tensioning system with contrasting springs, a pair of threaded rods and adjusting nuts

  • Productivity up to 3000 tons per hour

  • Lifting height up to 140 meters

  • Fraction size up to 400 mm

Scheme of equipment



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